Breezez Of Love








Here starts our new series of  messages of enlightenment and the salvation it may bring. ALLAH is the Source and Destination of all that is best as far as man's spiritual qualities and performance are concerned.

The Holy Qur'anic verse “BismillahirRahmanirRahim” with which Allah begins His Message to us and repeats 114 times in His Qur'an encapsulates the whole aim of the Qur'an and underwrites all its wisdoms and commandments.   It means:

“In the Name of Allah,  the All-Gracious, the Mercifully Forgiving”.   It directs us to:

“Begin every thought and act by intending to emulate our Creator and Lord Allah in that we also are filled with gracious feelings towards all people on earth and are ready to forgive anybody who offends us once that person asks for or needs our forgiveness”.   This is the essence of faith in Allah and it is the only way to our personal salvation which is only possible with the enligtenment this verse unlocks.

Note that 'Grace' means all of the following: Kindness, kind favour, kind forgiveness, loving consideration, unconditional generosity etc.   That is why Allah calls Himself  'al Rahman', the Gracious One.  If we want to be a true servant of Allah we should do our best to show kindness, generosity and forgiveness to all within limits and qualifications imposed by need for justice among people.  This becomes more and more possible when we study ourselves and expose to ourselves our own defects and weaknesses which exposition enables us to understand that others may also be as fallible and helpless as ourselves and if we do not tolerate and forgive others we fail to do our part in the moral betterment of our society.  We must be avid observers of and fast and willing learners from persons displaying higher moral qualities and more heart-winning manners than us and hurry to display them ourselves. This is the whole basis of the association of the disciple and the master in Sufism but need not be exclusive to it. We must always be on the lookout for people wiser and nicer than us and learn from them and project from ourselves as much as we can of their perfections.  We can only thus move nearer to the Source of All Perfection at every passing moment and only then can we understand as well as taste the sweetness of faith. Amen.




Faith is not a mere intellectual conviction. It is also the steadiest and most steadying of positive emotions. And emotions being the real drivers of actions only with real faith we can act as we morally should.

One's faith may be in one or many things. One may have faith in his personal abilities, in the benevolence of a friend or the truth of a political ideology for all of which he may risk a lot of things. For example, strongly believeing in his  abilities he may attempt things which may look foolhardy to others. For his ideological aims he may sacrifice his wealth and even life. But whether he gains what he contemplated is another matter. So, what we need is not any faith but a true faith, a faith which will never disappoint or leave us regretting our investments in it. That true faith is the faith in Allah, God, Theos, Dio... call Him what you will because He is the True and Ultimate explanation of all existence of which what we call universe is but a tiny department. His Reality and Truth is not like the dead realities and impassionate, tasteless and odorless truths of science but a Reality which includes both the scientific and the spiritual and emanates truths full of glories, unbearably pleasing perfumes and imparts equally enrapturing flavours and ultimately a Grace nothing else can deliver.

Once this true faith in the Truest and Greatest of Realities takes hold of us we become God-inspired and God-driven souls for which state we also use the term of the Holy Spirit.  But there is one more thing to understand before we can trust our hearts' yearnings. It is that God came to us under the Name of Allah through His servant Muhammad sws through whom all messengers of God that came before him also reached us once more and all over again. Only in Islam it is mandatory to believe in ALL prophets of God, most eminently Moses and Jesus and all revelations made to them. And that is as it should be seeing that Muhammad sws has been meant to be the last and final one of all true prophets and messengers of Allah and as such the ultimate unifier of all mankind as a single community devoid of all racial, national or social caste or class prejudices- in fact a faith denouncing and abolishing all prejudices.  And that is the Truth: Men are utterly the same at the bottom of things and justice and peace may only come when this fact is lovingly embraced- repeat, lo-ving-ly!  All education and preaching therefore, should be built around this loving unification of the mankind (not necessarily political) on the basis of the True Faith and it will be worth every investment and every effort made and however long it may take or however partially it may be achieved.  It must never be forgotten that an embracer of (TRUE) Islam is a better than before embracer of (TRUE) Christianity or (TRUE) Judaism or (TRUE) Buddhism... as the case may be and will have nothing to look back and everything to look forward.

Once (TRUE) Islamic faith is in charge of our lives we find Allah in charge of us and that doors open to us on approach and more and more sweet friendships surround us. We will increasingly be carried to most rewarding destinations instead of being driven to from one abomination to another, which is the lot of the Godless. 

But beware: All satans, whether demonic or human are toiling flat out to distort and discredit Islam by acts of blackest evils they present as Islamic and we must make allowance for this greatest disinformation campaign against any belief system ever. Once we see beyond this tarry smoke-screen the devils will be frustrated and the sweet core of Islam entered. Amen.





Love contains everything, even the soul For a loveless man is called soulless
Isn't his other emotions part of a soul?
No! A loveless soul is not man's but of a ghoul

Why do you think is such crime, such slaughter?
Why only anger reigns, why only lust runs?
Why lies, why cold treason? What is the reason?
Why false are favors, why so cold laughter?


Why false babies are made from false fathers?
Why even mothers are wombs for hire?
Why even chicken must only be food?
What is this play-God, aren't all this quite dire?

Where is Love, Gold-Seal of God?
Where is contentment which is the best food?
“Love, love” I say in long elegies
“Don't depart from hearts or come tragedies”

Wrath is everywhere, lust chasing all
Love now means sex and nothing more
Waste and abuse flow like rivers
All pretend to enjoy but only ache more

This is not life, but pure strife
A rat-run indeed with ratty instincts
Masochists are people if not all sadists
Unaware that only with Love life is Life




Most precious is the heart
The Site of the Soul
The Resort of God
And His Residence among men

Keep it pure by remembering God
If you stop it is flooded
With greed, hatred and a temper hot
A blackness spreading from a single dot

This world is the best place to be
For the Godly for his effort
For being good and doing good
Provided the heart is filled with God

This world is the worst place to be
When  the heart is devoid of God
When the Devil in you reigns
When good loses, evil gains

Keep your precious clean
Always on Allah lean
Happiest are you when
Yourself from haram wean

How lovely to be innocent
How lucky it is to love God
How pleasant is to be kind
This is bliss hundred percent


Be simple, uncomplicated
Not pompous nor ambitious
The truth is always simple
A complicated heart is vicious

You are at your most intelligent
When it is love which moves you
The Love of truth I mean
Which is mercy at its purest

All you need is in the Qur'an
Provided you have the key
That key is a purified heart
That most precious and wise see





Faith is not a cold consent to a dogma
Nor is it wrath and resentment seeking an outlet
Those who accuse, hate and persecute
Are Qur'an wielding satans with a stigma

Love is the name of this game
Grudge, malice and disbelief are one and the same
Love is in mercy and are two Names of God
Loveless people are Godless, full stop

Love makes generous, caring and honest
Brings out from the heart what is man's best
The Best is Allah, so He dwells in hearts
From where He Almighty sends out His darts

Darts of love are they at their purest
Only love saves at its surest
Look at the whole from God's perspective
And have compassion o man and then you can rest





It is now or never
Learn to love the Lord
Be all His from now on
Tomorrow will be too late

In the Lord is your perfection
As yet you are hardly his reflection
Get up o deep sleeper
Repent and walk in his direction

Don’t worry missing the world
You won’t be missing anything worthwhile
Both worlds belong to Him All-Gracious
And so shall they be for you

No greater and more glorious a thing
Has Allah created than a true believer
The heaven and earth move
When the believer does pray

The heaven and earth kiss
Where the believer prostrates
Peace and blessings meet
When Allah His love demonstrates

Don’t miss the boat o boaster of love
It may soon sail away, who knows?
Waiting is a sign of failure
It is the only instance when patience is a sin

Run, run in your heart to the Embrace of Grace
While standing firm your on ground of piety
Enlighten and embellish yourself
By keeping with Friends apace

All are His, the very best
High Exalted and Blest
And shall be yours as well
Of that assured rest





Love is for making happy, not possessing
Hunters love to hunt, want the game dead
They are full of love but that is of self
They always salivate and always see red

People are all hunters, except the godly
On safaris of greed, dressed to kill
As rival hunters replete with camouflage
Each territory they dispute hotly

Lies precede bullets, the game stands no chance
Let it be saved from one, other comes at once
All declare love with sword under garb
Blood is the fruit after every dance

The godly however loves for happiness
Of the beloved and for God’s sake
No designs has he except sacrifice
With each sacrifice he God magnifies

Long is this subject, hard is the road
God is the Destination, also Destiny
All true love lead to Him and found with Him
Those who self-love miss Him, missing the boat






Life is a lesson, love is the cure
Of all ills and headaches life gives
Whether you are ascetic or pure epicure
Life is always hard for most for sure

There is point when mind stops
Unable to see or explain
Too great things are involved indeed
Before which our reason flops

Crisis follows crisis, crisis within crisis
Suddendly spins off meaning from emphasis
“Lo here!” “Lo there” plays with you Satan
Dizzying you with argument and analysis

This is intellectualism is new Babylon
IQ is the new god, cute new champion
Cruel is victorious, numble down-trodden
Love is forgotten and has become porn

Yet man is the same, always needing love
Winner may the hawk be, but sweet is the dove
When all doves perish hawks eat each other
But hawkless, it is all dove and all love

No need to ache, no need to despair
To the pharmacy of love repair
To the mature servant of God’s loving gaze run
Find one, though rare, go and find one





Sincerity is when you become the other person
Putting yourself in his shoes
Feeling happy or unhappy
As he goes through joys and woes

Only mothers can do that often
For motherhood the heart soften
It is giving and not receiving
The whole joy being the giving

God is like that, in fact far more
Good believers likewise
Whoever comes under God’s spell
Becomes both merciful and wise

Being with God, living from Him
That is real sincerity
It is looking at all with wise mercy
That fills you with joy to the brim

Only those who attain
God’s most sacred terrain
Can walk this path Sincerity
With constancy and surety

Run, run, find the Friend
Covers of ignorance rend
Follow the beloved to end
Learn for yourself to fend

You will find, you must find
How with Sincerity to be bound
Only once in that climate
You become of mind sound

Mad are those bereft of love
They do not know how to live
Burn do they in Hypocrisy
Ignorant of Sincerity



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