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With the name of Allah the All-Kind, the Merciful Forgiver
I begin to praise Him Who lives and dies never

In His hands are everything, all beg from Him
Inside out He invades and commands

No escape is possible from His Law
Even when you think you deny Him though

Make peace then o fool with the King
Before the bells of doom for you ring

Every delay is a usurious debt
Which bankrupts you; please accept

Resisting Him is resisting happiness
It arises from your mind’s pettiness

No escape o dolt from the Grim Reaper
Piety proves in the end the cheaper

Let not world’s false glamour dazzle you
Its false logic tempt as well as puzzle you

From below the waist do not motor
From the path of heart do not detour

Then he gives you both up- and downstairs#
Releases and relieves from all cares

To heart He takes you, happy makes
While your devil only happiness fakes

Forty odd years took to get this Breeze
The false self from the Real out freeze

Forty Rumis are serving me Breezes
Milks and honeys each heart and mind pleases

Listen then what is to come now and then
New breezes of Intimacy for what and when

Memorize, quote, disseminate
Ponder, digest and even ruminate

Rare jewels Spirit mass produces
From the Treasures of Heaven reduces

Glory be o Lord, refresh us with Breezes
O generous, we pray each Thee pleases







The Real One makes real
Everything and every deal

Only lies fly outside
Of His warm home site

That home is a mumin’s heart
That is the Divine candle

Lit from oil from Olive tree
Whether East or West it be*

In that home glories are sung
For All-Gracious with bang*

Resonating in all heavens
Is the songs of all our ‘friends’

Day and night they glorify
No fatigue, boredom touching them**

Adoration their day profession
Dreams of angelic procession

Full of Allah from top to toe
Soaked in love without woe

Happy, happy is the servant
He is the unlettered savant

Of the glories of Heaven
Where rules the Real One







Fear never departs from your heart if you believe in God
For offending the Beloved is the direst prospect
If you don’t lose sleep at all in this respect
You better not exist, for hell is your lot

Doubt your purity,  forget ranks and degrees
Don’t claim having served Him with enough ikhlas
You can’t be worthy of Him if He won’t relent
You need His sheer mercy of the highest class

Prophets tremble, saints faint on His thought
Their faith isn’t perfect unless with doubt
As to ‘Am I right in what I do and think?’
Only then from  His Hand they His mercy drink

Pride leave,  humble live, stop glaring
Who are you o shadow, o mosquito king
Before you condemn Nimrod throw own crown
Abandon your design for Abraham to burn!  (jealousy in religion)

Consider yourself among the liars
Regret your performance as quite wanting
Always doubt others being better than you
So that you keep asking for their prayers

You won’t be perfect my son, never forget
You will always sin whatever you do
Humiliated on earth, humbled in heaven
Only that way is possible for you His mercy to get







Truth wins because it is reality
Put in words with some brevity

Lie is lie, in the end the truth captures it
Like a soap bubble it just ruptures it
Liar buys time with usurious interest
Then pays through his nose from east to west

Loan shark is the Satan, in fact shark of sharks
With your ruin in mind his trade embarks

Never lie, never cheat except to repel evil
In God’s name only and against Devil

Even appearing more pious than you really are
Or knowledgeable-  these your way bar

Don’t pretend, be humble, then angels help you
Truthfulness is enough good;  lies just melt you

Allah is Real, He is the Truth
With Him are real heaven and earth

The truthful are served by all creation
Because direct to God’s their relation

Serve the Truth and you are served back
Once truth is with you, you nothing lack







God is the good beginning to all effort, His guidance the only guarantee
For He is in your very best nature from which issues surest warranty

What use is acting from misguidance, from the less good in you?
Ignoring the maternal cry then the sirens woo?

Human trouble erupts from human wrong choice
Taking the wrong turn, pursuing the wrong voice

Come ye to God, ignore the atheist, that ignorant poison-bee
Arrogant in darkness, supposedly fear-free

He boasts of animalness, of objectivity
While being in the pit of full subjectivity

He hates all faith out of fear
Fear of sacrifice from bestial dear

Freedom he wants to indulge all his senses
All he sees through such hedonist lenses

Surely many men of each religion
Who used to come by the legion

Abusing their powers of persuasion
Scared to death, drove to dissuasion

Many men otherwise salvageable
Thereby converting them into a rabble

Hedonism reigns supreme nowadays
People die for taking hedonistic holidays

Theft is rampant, indulged in by even banks and multinationals
The highest educated, most prosperous and most rationals

Why? For there is not in them a shadow of God
But only Mammon, Jezebel and the perverts of Lot

States are big mafias, mafias small states
This fact the whole thing explains and states

Once catapulted away from anchor of God
This is surely mankind’s lot

Each for himself with himself as his own devil
Free, nay in fact duty-bound to commit evil

No wonder taxes soar, services plummet, crime soar
Many a person streets patrol like wild boar

Knife in hand, drugs in other, eyes scanning
Rape, robbery, murder seeking, planning

Music is bible, dance ritual, drugs false paradise
All leading to hell of greatest size

All cheat from top to bottom of society
From cheating they derive their gaiety

Nothing is done almost to relieve poverty
Billions go to conduct wars, false controversy

Disinformation, misinformation, plot and spin
Bribery, blackmail, violence kingpin

Frankenstein scientists out to destroy family
Blurring the difference between John and Emily

From all sides devil egos invading and claiming
Distorting, destroying, bloodying and maiming

Yet in vain are all, God is still in command
Invincible in many hearts, ready to come on demand

In this poem we will call on Him to help us plenty
His enemies to be robbed, made hands empty 

Next we begin on our journey of great discovery
Climbing stairways to heaven for recovery








Man was not made empty, just another animal
One potentially angel, though at first a cannibal

No animal can stoop to what man can do when godless
When he feels an animal, of God remains heedless

But once introduced to the Divine Lights
In his heart are switched on a billion lights

The bulbs were there, the power already
But ignorance was as well, his mind weedy

In their glaring light stairways appear
Climbing to Heaven to stars soar





7.  LOVE


Love is the substance of faith, God’s greatest gift
It is the cement of honey healing break and rift
Its tears are sweet, its laughter heaven
It’s the filter of character good man from bad sift

God is the King of Hearts sweetened by love
Which is the medicine- converts hawk to dove
It is thee soul of universe, mercy its daughter
To love believers defer when they to God bow

For love’s sake I fast eating food of heaven
With the ferment of love my bread leaven
My eyes light up expecting the beloved
Whether from direction of Mecca or South Devon







You are a faithless fairy, a gorgeous apparition
Each season you come and go through me
As you go through me you lay may heart to waste
You say good-by hardly after saying hello

What is your intention, to be loved one-sidely?
To be worshipped without being a god?
No, never, you are not worthy of my love,
You are not worth my melancholy!






I smell of roses from an unearthly garden
From a direction geographers do not know
I visit the garden in my heart five times a day
To smell the thornless roses to ground I bow

“Science!” they warn me, they admonish me
“I am fed up with it” I say, “Now let me be!”
I found a new science which encompasses all
Wherein ‘I’ stops and comes in ‘We’ in ‘He’








As I find all in me, all find me in themselves.  An altruistic man is attractive and pleasant to have around for he threatens nobody.  What is more,  he does not want rewards from anybody because he enjoys his good acts as their own rewards.  Have you seen a lover of wild birds feed them for a reward other than the pleasure of the feeding itself? This is how true muslim is.  His good motives cause good acts and his acting good is his reward for being good.  That is sincerity with Allah at the utmost.


You are what you think and you act as you think. So, if you are doing wrongs first investigate what you have been thinking.  Islam seeks to uplift our thoughts so that like space craft we don’t have to compete and  and collide with terrestial traffic. Animal competitions are not for us. Uplift your thoughts and see the difference it makes to your life. 







Again Ramazan is with us
Again holy, again wholesome
A short spell of hunger and  no fuss
And let come health, let come God’s welcome

My faith put to test,  gauntlet run
Into the loving arms of God running begun
By iftar time two lovers meet
Lover and loved same table hit

O Holy One,  I love Thee so much
Even that love is Thine gift
Bankrupt yet very rich I am
For in Thy arms our hearts touch

Had others known what secrets we share
What honeys we eat lipless, tongueless
What wines we drink which no shop sells
To forget Thee O Lord no one would dare






I was born in you and am reborn every day
I worship You o my love each and every way
Without You I am not and could never be
I can’t find words of thanks except ‘Praise be!’

Swim I do at all times in Your space
Never visiting twice the same place
Time is You, so’s space, in fact Relativity
All celebrate in You their nativity

They are You but You are not them, that is for sure
You only exist, needless, purest of the pure
Turning my face to Your Sun I am light-drenched
For not turning elsewhere all muscles clenched

Because I cannot have enough of You
Your season I seek to sunbathe in
My heart swells like ball to eject a ‘hoo’
So happy is being close to, guess, Who?







“Al tayyibina lit-tayyibat, al habithina lil-habithat”
Said Allah in His Book and that is certain fact
 ”Pure and good for pure and good” it means, you know
Pure and Good is Allah to whom we all bow

Of His purity and goodness He on His friends bestows
Rank after rank, in all heavens their fortune grows
They are beauties, more so than brides and houris
Kindness their light,  from their hearts glows

Gardens of Paradise are in their hearts
In them they dwell with all its rewards
To them are attracted all who look for God
And become victims of their love darts

Come then o Haqqani and give us some of Haqq
To your heart’s essence you us attract
Be our guide, from Allah coming
For you such kindness is very becoming




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