Refutation Of The Book 'The God Delusion' By Richard Dawkins

By Dr Saydam Akpinar

Preface page argument 1.

“ Dawkins begins claiming that historical events like crusades, which hunts, Indian partition, Israeli/Palestinian wars, no Serb/Croat/Muslim massacre, no persecution of Jews as ‘Christ- killers’, no Northern Ireland ‘troubles’ , no ‘honour killings’, no shiny-suited bouffant haired televangelists fleecing gullible people off their money ‘God wants you give till it hurts’. Imagine no Taliban to blow up ancient statues, no public beheadings of blasphemers….” Etc.

With such spectacle painting Dawkins hopes that he has totally discredited and criminalised all religion and therefore showed that belief in God is directly behind in all such crimes against humanity. But is religion (misguided case) the only offense in such matter?

Well, let us see;

Same kind inflammatory propaganda, incitement to barbaric acts against individuals as well as human communities has been committed at least equally by supposedly scientific ideologies constructed recently.

Witness Marxism-Leninism which categorically puts the blame of all social human suffering on Capitalism whose bosses are caricaturised as members of ruthless exploitative class of individuals holding a lot of money and employing the rest of population in their production organisations and getting richer and richer. These controlled the government and exploit and oppress the working class. Marx and, Engels, the twin prophets of Communism, call this system Capitalism. This extremely and exclusively privileged class which Marxism calls blood suckers, need to be overthrown ruthlessly by the terribly suffering and toiling masses of physical workers which the two men call the Proletariat and only then a fully egalitarian society can be built by the victorious working class. And lo and behold these two negative prophets persuaded enough thugs to exploit this new dogma and faith, arrange the build up of clandestine organisations of agitation sabotage assassination strikes and eventually armed resurrection in the course of which blood flew like rivers, richer people as well as the religious who were seen as their partners in crime and exploitation were variously liquidated, exiled and put to hard labour expropriated and in one worst case killed by the millions. Witness Polpot the Marxist Leninist the revolutionary of Cambodia who in the name of exterminating the parasitical class that is to say land owners, business men, men of religion, and interesting enough intellectuals over run the country over several years and ruthlessly massacred these people irrespective of whether they were young or old innocent or not so. Now I put this question to Dawkins which religion including the most barbaric like those south American stone god worshipping religions in which innumerable young people were sacrificed to these gods as a matter of course over many centuries the behaviour of these primitive south Americans may be excused as blind as blind superstition by extremely primitive people while Polpot and his cronies whose liquidation performance was a bit less categoric claimed that they acted in the name of science and humanity, were crusades worse than this, was Muslim jihad was more bloody and systematic? You see fanaticism and barbarism are equally at home with religion and science for exploitation and infliction of harm on others?

2. Never the less alongside with bad and misguided religion there always existed and still exists aversion which has been blessing and ennobling fraternising and materially improving the lot of millions, therefore it is quite unjust, may very malicious begotted and phobic to pick out religion alone for such horrible and categoric castigation in the course of which not a single merit and utility what so ever is remembered if we were to follow this advice and given the religions prevalence and resilience we will have to replicate prophets to wipe out this phenomenon of religion from the face of the Earth of course this would outclass even Polpot.
Using Darwin’s theory as a contradiction of religion’s description of creation is out of place and can never be regarded as proof of non existence of God because;

1. Science only describes natural processes intellectually which descriptions are not always full and accurate but always open to revision and at times drastic change this is no fault but is in the nature of scientific research and theory making.

On the other hand religious explanations of things are necessarily anthropomorphic because the aim of religion is not advancing technology but persuading people to train themselves in higher and higher morality of thought and conduct, which operation needs the law of psychology to be employed and probably one of the fundamentals of psychological control of behaviour is carrot and stick method. Apparently without fear of sanctions no man of however elevated thought can always control his lower passions and stop offending other people’s rights.
How true and almost infallible is this law can be seen from the daily erupting scandals as reported in news, which scandals are created by people as intelligent, well educated and prosperous as industrialist merchants, top scientists, top bankers, top politicians whose crimes like embezzling funds, cheating customers, subverting laws and even selling national secrets not infrequently erupt into spectacular news items. Apparently basking in a belief of their security thanks to their privileges, fame or popularity, these high society criminals almost always get away with their crimes, arguably partly because being fellows in crime they cover each others backs and are only caught when only a jealous or indignant or opportunist rival leaked the news either to authorities or to the media. When the crimes are so exposed they are so mean and pathetic acts of bestial selfishness that we sadly have to conclude that despite all the scientific inputs the modern education which is totally secular abjectly fails in delivering moral conditioning to it’s recipients, witness the expenses scandals of some MPs amongst which some stop to include the fifty pence cost of daily paper or a fictitious cup of tea. Even worse is the habit of many such people of brazing out such proven accusations and define disciplinary bodies or the costs and often getting away with a few exceptions and then clamouring for the relaxation of auditing rules with a self righteous indignation which must be seen to believed. Who can then fail to see in this fact why the religious carrot and stick gadget called Heaven and Hell is dispensable with.

After all will not an image of all aware and invincible power indispensable for inculcating into human psychology from an earliest age so that although not always lasting to the end it at least in many cases be relatively more effective in some more imaginative and impressionable souls with the result that at least a significant proportion of human population will be persuaded, motivated and as a result feel and act more responsibly.

After all as all practical scientists and industrialists know no production process can attain hundred percent conversion of raw materials into hundred percent perfect products and therefore a reasonably good religions failure to convert all it’s audience into some degree of saints must be understood as natural and excusable.
Having submitted all the above we need to move into another aspect of this debate.
Religion is a general term about supernatural belief and behaviour and celebration based on that belief.

Nevertheless whether we like it or not religions come in vastly different natures qualities and success rates.

At the top you find the three Abrahamic monotheisms namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam while at the bottom you find animistic religions which teach that there are innumerable diverse spiritually powerful beings which materialise in innumerable forms. From impressive rocks to smallest but interesting animals. These we will ignore for our debate although they have some utility for their extremely primitive peoples. In the middle are religions which feature beliefs in one or more heavenly gods as well as a number of god men say Buddha or Confucius who for certain lesser informed Chinese is a god.

A review of the three Abrahamic religions- an objective analysis.

As far as our ‘Old World’ i.e. Mediterranean Mesopotamian, Persian, adjadent areas are concerned there are three major surviving religions which are grouped under two titles that’s to say monotheistic religions and Abrahamic religions in historical sequence, the first and the more restricted in spread is Judaism, the second is Christianity and the third and youngest is Islam. Interestingly in this trinity the first is the most exclusivist and at least in theory is the privilege of the Jewish race. The second, namely Christianity, draws heavily on the first, then almost discards it as out of date and useless and installs in its place a creed, which no Jew could ever approve of and accommodate. The fault line in Christianity is the unpronounced paganisation of the creed on the one hand, and the inexplicable suspension of the Law or the Torah as the Jews call it. There is no need to offer proofs or explanation for this separation of ways between the parent and the daughter religion; the daughter simply eloped with the mystery religions then flourishing around Mediterranean in which religions or rather called cults, father gods, mother gods, and god sons, invariably featured and mystic symbolistic rituals replaced legalistic provisions and injunctions.

In other words a cultic worshipper was required to participate in mysterious rituals apparently designed to dull and emotionally stimulating the mind if possible to hysterical drunkenness, excitement and visions; actually some of these used hallucinogenic substances and or sessions of sensual deprivations or social isolation to soften the mind, re-write any held moral values, with a view to put them under abject submission to the priests enforcing these practices. In other words the purely Judaistic religion practiced, upheld and preached by Jesus (p.b.u.h.) as a pure blood Jewish prophet was distorted out of all proportion into another mystery religion with no law but with lots of obscure as well as terrifying insinuations, threats and rewards.

Not withstanding this pagan character of this new mystery religion subsequently called Christianity, it also adopted the Jewish scriptures as part of it’s heritage not withstanding the fact that the Law or Torah at the bottom of it was excised out like removing flesh from bone while the same Christians were reading without understanding one most definitive statement of their doctored heroes affirmation: “I did not come to abolish the Law/Torah- the Heavens and Earth can pass away but not a single word or letter or tittle of the Law can pass away”.
Obviously what the true and good Christ as the Muslims also believe him to be our lord Jesus was just the culmination of the Jewish line of prophets; He was just the last in the series as the Gospels clearly say he was not interested in the Gentiles; “I am not sent but to the lost sheep of Israel”, and even the brother Semites the Samaritans was not dear enough to him.

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