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Al Diwan Al Hubb/ Prophet’s Academy

Prophet’s Academy was founded by Dr. Saydam Akpinar MSc., PhD., a long standing practicing sufi in the Haqqani branch of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order, under the leadership and Grandmaster of its incumbent leader Sheikh Nazim Al Haqqani of Cyprus. A Turkish Cypriot himself Dr. Akpinar also known as Sheikh Abu Salman Abdul Azal is not only the most senior sufi after the Grandmaster Sheikh Nazim (may Allah raise his ranks forever), but a trained scientist, engineer, alternative physician, industrial manager, psychotherapist- all practiced in their own time and context from all of which he has been retired and devoting his time and energies to the Academy – since 1999.

The Academy has had two separate but complementary teaching/training programs.
First has been the formal academic program in which any willing students are instructed in all basic Islamic Sciences comprising Qur’anic, Hadith and Islamic history studies and then Contemporary Issues Studies (Islam’s relevance to modern circumstances and issues and its possible prescriptions about them) amongst other subjects. Arabic language studies is optional. Except the Arabic, all study subjects above are represented in this website. Anybody who would like to study these subjects may do so and to get recognition and a certificate to that effect may correspond with the secretary of the Academy through this website. Knowing enough about these subjects and the relevant comments we offer on them is indespensible in understanding Islam and therefore living up to its potential. However this Academic training  program is only a prelude to a sufi training, which, in the case of our Academy, is a thoroughly modernized and updated format: its aim is to inform and train any aspirants in sufi ways whose ultimate aim is the attainment of the aspirant that noblest of aims reflected in the famous sayings of prophet of Islam, our peerless master Muhammad the messenger of Allah- may Allah’s peace and greetings be on him- namely “I have not been sent but for me to build up the noblest and most graceful traits of morality and manners”. Any student who fails in this attainment cannot be regarded as a graduate of ours. May Allah help us all to attain that summit of a potential. Amen
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