A cabal is an extremely secretive group of like-minded individuals who are up to no good while they may give, if they choose to be noticed at all,  a false impression of well-intentioned elite rendering special charitable services to the society.  


History records many such organizations.  Among muslims the Assassins were certainly one.  Both Abbassids and Fatimids prepared for and seized power by cabalist methods-  secret organization, propaganda, recruitment, espionage and eventual political coup by armed power.   Today two cabals may be cited. The better known is the Freemasonry.  Extremeley secretive and elitist all researchers into it come up roughly with the same description.  The freemasons are public organizations like other registered societies as far as their buildings and sometimes some members are known to the public.  But the resemblance ends there.  Nobody can just walk in a Masonic lodge and apply for membership.  They approach you if they think that you can be one of them.  Once inside the applicant or rather the recruit is treated to some mystical ceremonies and asked to give some hair-raising oaths and blind obedience to the mystrerious, faceless hierarchy.  In fact he is blindfolded from the moment he walks in through the portals until he is back in open air.  Why all this Babylonian monastic ethos of secrecy,  blind obedience and blood-curdling if vague threats ethos if not for the reason that the organization is up to no good. 


Repeated research sometimes supported by revelations of the rare deserters converge on the one and the same picture:  It is a picture of a pyramid scam in which members climb the social ladder by mutual cabalistic (nepotic) support, each climbing higher than others on the basis of more ‘intelligence for intrigue’ if we may call it so.  The more naïve remain low in order to carry on their heads and shoulders those fewer and fewer who can climb higher and higher.  It is thought that no high public office whether in the government,  law or education etc goes to anybody except a freemason. What is more each member, thanks to some secret signals like a special handshake can make himself known to any other anywhere in the world and get unabashedly nepotic treatment as great as escaping a court sentence, for judges sometimes are members. 


An even more rarefied cabal and most possibly a heavenward extension of Freemasonry is the ‘Bilderbergians’  whose membership consists of some present, ex- and hopefully future world leaders.  In other words some incumbent presidents and premiers or ministers,  big bankers and media moguls are there. Some past similar greats are also retained.  Lastly any politician or other rising professional may be invited to join.   This cabal then plans the running of the wold and hold a lot of strings in their hands to see their plans implemented.  A TV program had recently penetrated the secret cameras and electric-fenced forest enclosure of this top cabalistic organization in America and reported on their incredibly hedonistic holyday type meetings where anything went and laughters reverberated from trees and clouds above them (so-to-speak) in between the extremely secret deliberation behind thick closed doors. 

So this world is run by secretive conspiratorial minorities whose each member is attached inseparably to others by inviolable bonds of shared vows as well as shared guilt.  Cabals are so pervasive at all levels of social organizations that even in medium sized companies some employees form and look after theirs.  They put banana skins under non-member rivals’ feet and pedestals under their candidates.    




Here we find all sorts of organized crime gangs from drug trafficking to smuggling ‘refugees’ (usually economically motivated illegal immigrants) and from organ mafias to prostitution and gambling ‘protection’ rackets.   These are so well-organized and often have penetrated and corrupted the forces of law that only partial and occasional success against them by the police and the courts has been possible and looks remaining so.  In fact police deliberately indulge certain wily criminals to work both ways-  doing their lucrative criminal profession for the price informing against others.  If caught by another police force they have to be set free by the request of the force they have been partners with.   Sometimes such ‘informers’ are very major international criminals after whom all the world’s police forces look like running but none succeed in apprehending.  In one particular case such a figure was caught by the British customs on landing on British soil only to be released shortly afterwards by intervention of something top police chief of the country.  This was explained in the press as such. 


We may now look in general who is a professional criminal and how he organizes his activities.  Firstly we must understand that a life criminal often looks like the rest of us in a superficial sense. He or she can be suspected only by an insightful looking at.  The fist thing that strikes one is that even when quite polite and cooperative and even charming-looking, they take offence very easily. A mild slight can so much hurt them that in their eyes one notices some ominous lights and shadows dancing a for a few seconds afterwards. That easy taking offence perhaps reflect their deep-down lack of confidence and sense of inferiority and the cause may be either defective genetic inheritance or a traumatic upbringing or both.  Some criminals, especially the rougher and tougher ones are clear mental defectives projecting clearly disturbed miens, an easily provoked quick temper and an inability to form close friendship except with exceptionally talented socializers who may than take them into their palms.  Apparently in these obliging socializers they find a substitute to a missing or inept parent.  Despite this deep attachment to a mature person their propensity for violence for reasons of revenge if not criminal gain is still there.  There like loyal dogs who are only too ferocious against persons other than their masters.   

Beyond this basic description the criminals we may roughly divide them into two categories. 


The first is the intelligent type who is more a thinker, planner and manager than a doer. However most of these are very good doers as well.  Depending on their level of talent it is these who end up as the bosses and their cronies who may one day become bosses themselves.  These may start life as doers of menial jobs but soon discover that there is an easier if dangerous way of making lucrative earnings.  As basic ‘easily-offendeds’ and fighters older criminals combing the streets quickly identify these gangster chicks and take them under their wings. Then depending on their surviving skills in and out of possible prison and probation periods they become somebody in the gang at a local level.  From then on only intelligence helps them to climb the ladder of promotion. That is because the boss or bosses need every talent they can get to outwit the police and outdo the competition.  The types who rise fastest and can remain at the top are those who combine great social skills (impressive but superficial to the careful observer) with extremely quick understanding of changes in circumstances and making equally fast and helpful decisions.  With their social skills they win supporters and informers from among the criminals and the law and order cadres like the police and the legal profession whom they reward handsomely and may later intimidate as well for extra caution. 


Perhaps the epitome of such a ‘godfather’ is Al Capone (1899- 1945) who was the boss of the then crime capital of the world, Chicago, USA.  He formed and employed his gang to commit all sorts of capital and economic crimes,  everybody let alone police knew whom he was and what he was up to but he was organizing his operations so skilfully that despite several arrests the law enforcers could not prove his guilt and had to eat their hats and release him laughing all the way back to his royal lifestyle.  He especially fascinated and charmed newspaper reporters and editors with his impeccable manners, cool rhetoric and disarming humour and lavish generosity as their host at to luxury hotels where he accepted his press interviews.  In the end he could only be ‘holed’ for tax offences and then murdered by his rivals while in prison.  He run everything from clandestine alcohol production to nationwide bootlegging and prostitution and gambling protection rackets. Today there are thousands like him all over the world running all sorts of hellish abominations and in possession of consciences for pay of very many men and women in high places,  sometimes top political leaders of countries.  So if we want to understand why so much evil is going on and little is being done to check it we must remember how very intelligent but equally greedy people are ganging up to make sure that their rackets and conspiracies are prospering.


The second category is made up the less intelligent ‘doer’ type criminals some of whom however aren’t stupid.  They either form smaller gangs and carry out own operations or as subcontractors for bigger fish and their specialities range from local protection rackets whereby local small businesses are charged ‘protection’ money,  thefts and robberies are carried out and contract beatings and killings done on behalf of individual grudge-holders or other bigger gangs who don’t want to dirty their hands.  In this field some sole-criminals also cut a niche for themselves doing jobs like contract burglaries or beatings.


The use for the committed and enlightened muslim of this information is this:  To understand and respond correctly to the world we are living in we must understand that this place is far dirtier than it looks, powerful people project far grander and cleaner images than they deserve and forces of law are not always as good, effective and even honest as they would like to be known. All of which must persuade us that we must avoid getting involved with many people and institutions and things for our safety and peace of mind and especially be cautious in believing news released or rumours floated.  Nothing is more futile and soul destroying for a friend of Allah than taking news at face value and argue this way or that.  Almost all big makers of news like governments and big organizations have their axes to grind and dirty games to play. 


By now it may be understood that almost all leisure industries like musical entertainment and betting and lust-satisfying street and underground industries like prostitution and drugs are dominated and sometimes directly run by gangs of criminals.  Once the glamorous Hollywood was a gangster-infested and manipulated centre  of vice and exploitation and perhaps it is still so. Which brings us to the real face of the mass media.




Although not a criminal institution in the ordinary sense the public media, thanks to its size and power and the corruptive effect of such great power,  is capable of great mischief without looking guilty.


Every age has its untouchable, unquestionable public opinion makers and enforcers.  In the past these were the royalty and the churchmen. The pope was almost god in flesh and the local bishop or parish priest was a master of his local souls with whom he could do almost anything provided he knew how to clothe it in religious garb.  He instructed them, enforced beliefs and compliance, taxed and even physically abused or punished them. In fact bishops were called princes spiritual.


In the modern age the scientist and to a lesser extent doctor are regarded very highly and both the governments and the public listen to them seriously indeed. When a scientist talks in the ‘name of science’ others feel they must believe and obey. When big media like major TV stations and national papers claim or campaign for something one opposes them at his own peril.  While there is little doubt that media, as part of the same dirty society as us, must and do have their own impieties to act out more than any other institution they insist that they are blameless and will not hesitate to destroy any challengers to their propaganda because the power they hold over the divided and weak public is too great not to corrupt their morals, go to their heads and give them  the urge to put the culprit where he or she belongs,  down.  Even top politicians and tycoons and certainly the royals are afraid of them and often suffer at their hands as well.  One may well think that many otherwise happy or potentially happy people perished at their hands some driven to suicide while some others to terrible accidents, most possibly from the tremendous stress pursuing them.  In return for all such arrogant mischief they rarely pay a price or suffer a penalty for they are the modern age’s untouchables and unquestionables, I mean nearly so.  Therefore another piece of advice for the friends of Allah is to shun publicity and avoid too much involvement with the media and be especially vigilant against involvement in events or with people which involvement could give ammunition to the media.




Because at every age there is overwhelming amounts of wrongs and wrongdoers the populace becomes ungovernable if governed by too pious and scrupulous leaders.  A morally elevated character tends to be trusting and tolerant which qualities are exactly most people will not delay to exploit. Political rivals will be first to close in and devour the saintly lamb of a man who is trying to convert his domains into a paradise.  Only prophets and top saints with great additional worldly intelligence can cope and deal with a society and that only when the corruptions of morals are not too severe.  Rasulullah sws could not cope with pagan Mecca and had to recruit his pious group from among them and then run to Medina to join the pious he had recruited from there.  By great effort and at the cost of great sufferings and some frustrations and disappointments he eventually could create something approaching a society of saints but even then he had to contend with a sizable minority of devious and treacherous hypocrites who many a time brought him near grief. 


Thankfully Umar RA followed him albeit for the first two years making do with being nearly the ‘power behind the throne’.  For a total of twelve years his incomparably powerful character and saintly lights built upon the rasulullah’s work and extended Islams territorial and spiritual boundaries vastly in all directions.  All those who caused a lot of mischief during Uthman’s and Ali’s times Umar could keep in check both by power of personality and the lash of his whip.  After his martyrdom and as predicted by the Rasulullah sws, all fitna broke loose and this ummah has since never seen any total unity or tasted too much any long period of safety,  suffering as much in muslim hands as in non-muslim.  Utman RA and after him Ali RAA proved too saintly even for the Medina society with about half as sahaba and it took a less scrupulous and more worldly-wise leader like Muawia and his even less scrupulous governors to bring the muslim society under a sort of disciplined if uncontented unity.  Very time a saint like a member of the ahl al bait (prophet’s descendants the Alid grandsons) took up the cause of justice and piety sinners ruling over muslims easily won and brutally punished the saints.

Which means even a true Islamic society with some sahaba among them could not be unified and directed to a common purpose except under hardy criminals!  Which proves Allah’s Word “Kazalika jaalna fi kulli qaryatin akabiraha mujrimiha liyamkuru fiha” (6: 123), i.e “Thus in every township we appointed its great ones its criminals so that they plot and conspire therein”.  Why we are saying this is to impress on the friends of Allah that politics has always been and shall remain as an arena of rapacious wolves and if the politician must be a practicing and knowledgeable muslim he won’t succeed or last long in office unless deep inside he is one of the criminals-  i.e., a corruptible hypocrite if not already one.  Again which means politics is not for seriously pious muslims.  So much was this appreciated by the pious ulama and awliya in the past that they avoided the doors of rulers like plague, from the sultan to the local governor and advised their disciples to do the same.  Of course we do not expect politically ambitious muslims to like this advice lat alone take it but surely they will know better when they try. 


Unfortunately crime and sin make the life blood of mostly ungodly majorities in any society and it will remain so as long as Allah will.  There must be a good reason for this condemnation of this world to sinfulness.   Allah knows best but my humble if educated opinion is that some (a minority) are saved in this world and their salvation depends on the sinfulness of the rest.  As the good believer bears with both the strictures of Allah’s commandments (the word religion comes from Latin and means ‘stricture, scruple’-  Arabic ‘deen’ means law and way and judgment-  all appropriate connotations) and also the pressures and torments coming from the majority who variously misunderstand,  suspect, fear, hate and interestingly enough sometimes like and admire them on and off….   They must bear with all these which patience dissolves the veils from before their heart’s eyes and immerse them into lights not found in this world;  they are lights of understanding, insight,  approval of Allah’s ways and forgiveness for His servants and goodwill towards all. 


These friends and intimates of Allah then go on and implant into the rest some seeds of improvement unbeknown to them and often also to the good believer himself or herself.  If not before these seeds sprout after death and take it from there.  Unfortunately for the sinners it will become far harder and tougher to mature after death and only Allah knows how they will go through the fires of shame and regret awaiting them for their purification and maturation.  Which means the good believer must mind his or her business and take care of himself or herself.  His or her insemination of others with seeds of salvation is entirely taken care of by Allah’s angels and we need even not need be aware of it.  True prophets and their best subjects the true spiritual masters are partially aware of such processes and may give a helping hand. 


The last word about the semi-criminal basis of social order is that don’t get involved too much at too senior levels lest you burn your fingers badly.  Work instead at humble and more private levels you can handle and cope with. Amen.






Recently a TV program was showing an old man discussing with the unanimous presenter sperm donation issue. He was one.  The female presenter, after rambling over the possible psychological bad effects on the child of not knowing who its father is she asked the man what he thought about it.  He answered something like this: “I gave the sperm in good faith and charitably but did not want to enter into any relations with the child to come of it”.   Neither he or she stopped to think “What about the child? What about its needs,  especially emotional needs?  Why a citizen (i.e, the sperm donor) do something to another (his offspring) who might not like it?  What about what he wants?”.   This one-sided act cannot be compared to normal traditional parentage  because in the traditional case almost all children know and mostly enjoy their two parents,  so nobody feels an outcast.  Far more likely than not the unanimously donor-produced child will be teased by others and may become suicidal.  Even if when his donor parentage is concealed and a man and woman pose as its parents there is no guarantee that it will not learn about the truth and feel very bitter about it.  Supposing that donor parentage (both sperm and egg versions) becomes prevalent and even overtakes the traditional parentage.  Because of the anonymity surrounding it many people will have not only their biological parents, uncles, aunts, siblings and cousins around knowing none of them and reasonably possibly having sexual relations with or outright marrying them. 


If that is not shocking such silly ‘progressives’ what will?  And why all this unnecessary ‘charity’?   If the ‘brave new world’ such thinkers are creating are saying that biological  parentage does not matter for a carer of a child and the child cared for why not then the citizens of this new world adopt any child in the care of the social services they wish?  On the one side we have an infertile woman who wants to beget her own child and care for happily ever after while on the other side we have another woman who wouldn’t care less what happens to her own egg which becomes her future child?  Should we or should we not love and be concerned about and keep and treasure our offspring?  Why this anarchy of values and devaluation of the holy parental instinct?


I think I know why.  Some people are too intelligent for their own and others’ good in a one-sided way.  Their analytical-verbal half of the brain, usually the left hemisphere is too strong at the expense of the other half.  So they always see the individual trees and cannot see the forest, as the saying goes.


What the old man who intimates his charity of spirit by simply contributing in a minimal way to the formation of another person is thinking like.  He helplessly and unconsciously focusing on a single factor in man’s existence-  a spermatozoon.  For him to provide that cell is enough charity to its product. For him the society is nothing but a collection of individuals who need only food and shelter and exercise to be happy.  Relationships necessarily formed by often  transitory mutual interests and love debased to mutual sexual release are enough.  Freedom to indulge personal and private desires is the greatest spiritual value and the less social and emotional involvements and more self-enjoyment the better. 


As a result individualism is gaining momentum, relationships becoming transitory and shallow,  social responsibilities are increasingly meaning doing the legal minimum for others when doing anything at all cannot be avoided.  Long lasting and emotionally demanding relationships like marriage and parentage are losing ground to shorter lasting and sometimes instant ones where mutual responsibilities are minimal and emotional content Spartan.  That must be why homes and home sales are soaring-  the society is simply disintegrating into smaller and smaller groups of intimately relateds;  living with or near old parents are a thing of the past,  even babies have to be reared by unrelated and paid carers while the parents frantically run after more money to buy more goodies and travel to more exotic holiday destinations once or twice a year. 


In fact many do  not marry at all and some of them substitute marriage with unnatural unions.  Quite a lot live alone resting after the exhaustions of a proefessional’s day with a glass of wine or spirits in one hand, a remote control device in another and an opened pack of take-away food as well as both feet on the coffee table, until it is time for going to bed at the same time as yesterday.  Parents are seen or contacted rarely,  having left in a guilty past a broken marriage and estranged children killing their souls in another far away place is a common memory.  And now even such minimal instinctive socialization levels are being superseded by donor and surrogate arrangements for the procreation of new citizens which is quite similar in spirit to the already prevalent methods of animal farming. 


Perhaps the ideal future society for the likes of the mere sperm donor man is one in which citizens are manufactured in human-being farms equipped with in vitro fertilizing and gestating machinery and perhaps even rearing babies produced by robots mimicking motherly and nursing behaviour.  This is already being done with animals.  In a documentary a small slow aeroplane fitted with a sculpted crane’s head and issuing a crane’s noises from a tape recorder is  leading a flock of crane chicks in their virgin flights.  Why to do this to humans? 


Because only the physical side of man and his society is seen and appreciated and his emotional and spiritual potential and their rewards are ignored and therefore neglected.  This reducing of the infinitely glorious human potential to social robotics is a terrible abuse of science which in itself totally blind to man’s infinite and most rewarding subjective world.  Like a laser beam, the mere and austere scientific mind is over-illuminating and operating on a single spot of human development leaving all the vast rest in total darkness to starve out of the equation.  It intends and can do nothing other than dehumanising human beings and either robotising or recycling them like industrial refuse.  It was this laser-blind and ruthlessly arrogant view of man which precipitated the Nazi, Soviet and Pol Pot etc. mass atrocities and if this intellectual psychosis is not curbed and in view.




The sometimes total blindness to the all-important subjective element (spirit or soul) in higher species which include at the apex man can simply make a monster out of a man like that, at least occasionally.  Rene Descartes the famous 17th century French philosopher (and mathematician and scientist), while defending experiments on monkeys, is on record for saying “there is no wrong in using them in experiments however they may resist and cry.  Their cries are another form of mechanical noise like one made by a rusty door which rattles and shrieks while forcibly opened”. You see, we can ignore the animal’s terror and pain because we know that the cries it makes are just a physical phenomenon caused by the vibrations in the animal’s voice box as air from its lungs rush through it.  Don’t we sometimes hear even a harsher noise when the wind blows away some empty tins which crush against each other as well as other objects on their path?  Do you see the laser of blindness illuminating just a single point in the animal’s behaviour and for its sake ignoring all its heart-rending justified protests?  This is the same blindness which made the sperm donor as unconcerned with the many collateral results of his act to remain as unconcerned as a crocodile  swallowing your child.  It just swallows.  The sperm donor just donates. End of the matter!


Unfortuntely and unlike in Islam before the flowering of science in the West suffered from the same mental handicaps as the spread and rule of Christianity. One wonders whether is it the case with the Western mind as a matter of genetic make up to be too analytical and materialistic and too blind to the broader aspects and implications of human life.  No civilization before the Medieval and modern Western analysed and imbalanced its subjects of debate to the point of caricaturising  and then victimising them.  Poor blood, Torah upholding Jewish prophet Jesus was stripped of all his Jewish context and human richness and reduced to a theological sketch based on nothing except selective and wishful-thinking crumbs of quotations to convert him into an unnecessary god and later a member of a meaningless trinity as if a simple and time-honoured creed of Divine Unity wasn’t enough.  Torah Law was rejected as too formalistic and inconveniencing only to be more than replaced by increasingly more inhuman Church laws.  So, Christianity began with high hopes of saving the common man and ended by slaving and abusing him as never before.  The same misguidance then infected the Western science.  Rather then knowing its limits and minding its utilitarian mission it tried to become a religion as caricaturised and victimizing as the Christianity it largely replaced in practice except in name.  Did anatomy and physiology showed the human body work like a machine and give predictable results in uniformly designed experiments? Then it was nothing but another machine.  Could anybody find something called ‘soul’ in it?  No. Then there was no soul.  Could the new astronomer explain the movements of the heavens in predictable and regular mathematical terms?  Yes. So here we had another machine spread out in space and God never showed up anywhere nor was He ever necessary to help explain it.  Any unsolved mysteries which may require God to explain them? 


No bother,  experience has consistently showed that as the research go on such mysteries dissolve in the same mechanical causation patterns as those understood before.  These laser-thinkers never suspected that they might be looking in the long direction for finding either the human soul or God. They were blind to the fact that their science was unable to explain why some people sometimes sacrificed themselves to some others they weren’t related in any way in material terms or why they the scientists themselves was so curious about and infinitely fond of looking deep into the universe.  Which machine would do that?  They failed to realize that what they discarded as irrelevant-  because it wouldn’t make a suitably investigable subject of their science-  was in fact the most precious and often delicious aspect of living a life.  The love between parents and children, and between totally besotted good friends, the joys of common jubilations and celebrations,  the majestic joys a lived and verified faith gives to a believer,  the transported enrapturement fine art inspires and utter lack of fear and even joyful welcoming of death on the part of a true man of God radiating love and  compassion and generously dispensing charities of all sorts with more delight than the receivers would experience….   These should be the most glorious, pleasurable and useful ways of living about which even the most erudite science could say nothing-  to them metres, kilograms or volts do not apply and without such units and mathematics there is no science but perhaps only philosophy. 


Blind to everything spiritual and therefore worthwhile an otherwise learned man ends up a sociopathic loner. He is so angered by the society’s old natural ways and so ambitious to uproot them from that soil and plant them in a new soil of barren scientificness he will design and build that like Karl Marx begins to criticize his current society as totally bad and propose to transform it into a scientific social laboratory where he will be their god-  to demolish and redesign as he thinks fit. A few generations then passes and we meet a plethora of social engineers with their totalitarian and revolutionary parties ruthlessly advancing their aims and realizing them at the cost of millions of victim. 


The Nazi under their god Hitler, the Russian and Chinese communists under their gods like Lenin and Stalin and Mao and most recently the Cambodian communists under their god Pol Pot did their ‘glorious’ mischief,  uprooting, pauperising, banishing, killing and burning, gassing and massacring, slaving and burying millions in each case all of which came to an ignoble terrible end for all concerned.  The leaders and societies who could look at things more balancedly and appreciated tried and proven traditions and introduced social reforms with more caution and  discrimination behaved more humanly and survived more prosperously.  Still this very same Devil playing God in the name of blind science is still with us,  sporadically rising and doing its mischief and working towards partial successes when a total one is not possible. All the current ideological (often far left) movements want to impose their psychotic and sociopathic aims on the rest of us from all sorts of genetic abuses to the undermining of the natural sexual roles to total dumbing down and de-spiritualization of public education. 


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