The Cause Of Crime




Sins including criminal acts issue from a person when his conscience proves inadequate to control the temptation motivating the act in question.  Which takes us back to our main contention as regards the supreme aim of education:  Production of a citizen with a sufficiently developed conscience and consolidated good character to curb the incessant pressure his lower layers of innate ego exerts on him to succumb to evil passing from his heart.  This evil can be lust, greed, anger or jealousy-based,  evil is evil and must best be fought inside the man haunted by its demands. The more a society’s members are policed from inside by their conscience the less external policing will be required.  Because this is lost sight of modern thinkers be they psychologists and  educators, or sociologists and media columnists- or politicians-  because this fact is lost sight of thanks to the atrociously excessive obsession with and work towards ‘liberating’ man’s hedonist instincts crime has been rocketing in all rich countries making the police numbers and methods more and more demand and also often more and more in short supply.  Lives are ruined, economies badly strained and social budgets bankrupted because of the rising levels and proliferating varieties of crime. Both parental and institutional authority are in decline and rebellion and aggression by the ‘weak’ against the ‘strong’ is upsetting everything civilization should be about.


How an individual conscience is more effective than institutional controls may be seen when one visits a part of a country or town where crime is low and another part where it is though the roof.  In the latter area people live quieter lives and are more neighbourly and charitable and it is common to see them universally commiserating with any one person or family among them is bereaved or hit by some other disaster. Not only kind words flow in but material help is also lavished on the unfortunate.   Nobody is inclined to suffer a thug or vandal but try to stop him in his tracks and inform and mobilise others against the culprit as well.  And all, with few exceptions are well mannered at least in a basic sense.

In the other area and to start with language is almost universally foul in the extreme and tempers flare up quickly. One neighbour shuts his door and ignores a burglar boring into the next door. When the burglar takes his haul the neighbours may begin taking theirs. When the occupant comes he finds unconcerned neighbours who pretend to have seen nothing and in fact may have to suppress a chuckle or two.  These are such areas where even the police trembles to ‘trespass’  into.  There may be a parallel underground government there imposing a sick but strict order and collecting taxes and recruiting thugs for their criminal gangs.


The difference between the two contrasting areas is the fruits of education they have been able to go through.  In the good case the education was good in the sense that it served conscience development adequately for all practical intents and purposes while in the bad case it did not. As simple as that, irrespective of causation, like economic deprivation.   It has always been seen that really poor areas of some more traditionally minded countries may house humble communities which are among the most morally good.  It is not economics,  it is education, although the first may be a compicating factor.  Similarly and at the other extreme, riches also may not matter either way.  Of the two equally rich communities one may be morally above average and the other below. It had always been reported that Switzerland, at least in its certain areas house morally quite sound communities and crime rate is quite low.  The Swiss have been, at least until recently, a nation of proud and disciplined tribes spread over a spectrum of races, some Frankish, some Teutonic or Latin and it seems that out of the civilized piety of each this concoction and Balel of races have formed  of the most civilized nations of modern age.


What is unmistakeable in the Swiss is their serious attitude towards their religion combined with, as a rare example, equal respect for secular learning and humanist enlightenment.  Their religiosity is not the old obscurantist version and their enlightenment not the atheistic version of rebels and players God.  Of course things are not so categoric, all sorts of souls across the whole spectrum of ideologies and mores exist in that country but the overall balance, flavour and direction seems more mobile towards an enlightened conservatism.   Lastly, history has shown time and again that a society which is high in economic prosperity but low in morality is in serious bad social health overall and must come crashing down sooner or later.


In conclusion of this paragraph we can legitimately say that those societies with more members with better developed consciences conduct themselves with more self- and mutual respect and responsibility, produce a lower crime rate and suffer from less injustice and mutual malice.  Given their overall higher psychological maturity, intellectual power unfettered with derailing impieties and enhanced sense of communal cohesion create a more efficient economy and government simply because these two creations will be less plagued and subverted by corruption which is the most endemic, pervasive and least detectable and punishable of all crimes. It is such a crime that in a relatively short time can  bring down strongest and biggest institutions, be it a multinational giant company,  a government department or a state.  Almost all great states of the past, from Roman to the


Ottoman cracked, crumbled and crashed under its strains and robberies and melted away. In a recent example, one particular muslim country was bankrupted when its several state banks were put up for privatisation and snapped up by dubiously preferred bidders. Almost overnight all were stripped of their assets by the new owners in the form of bad loans to fictitious borrowers with such skilful masking and obscuring techniques that when some arrests were made it proved almost impossible to prove the guilt of and convict any of the new owners, sentences had to be light in view of the dearth of evidence or perhaps as a result of threats, intimidation and bribes applied to the law and order people involved or rather a mixture of all these.  Each great robber eventually came out of their cells free men. When it was time to claw back the stolen wealth as prescribed and quantified by the courts the bailiffs had  their worst nightmare. They were not allowed in the premises of the convicted by thuggish bodyguards,  for some reason could not get police to help them enough, were snubbed by the released convicts if they could reach them and any assets they knew to be in the convicts’ names had long been transferred or were originally registered into the names of unrelated as well as insignificant people which fact was read by all in the know as people both ‘persuaded’ and bribed to accept the registered ownership on condition that they return them to real owners or their designates as and when the real thief-owners choose. 


In a national economy of about 100 billion dollars this single event of corruption stole from the nation more than 20 billion dollars within a year or so.  At the other end of the world in Argentina, even a more atrocious national scam brought the national economy crashing down and there also the identification and punishment of the culprits ran into cold tracks. Which means it does not matter whether a corrupt nation is called Muslim or Christian or atheist.  One of the greatest causes of the collapse of the late Soviet Union was again great corruption running in its arteries.


YES, IT IS A MATTER OF HAVING OR NOT HAVING A DEVELOPED CONSCIENCE and all other factors which may be cited to explain crime are only secondary to this single biggest factor.






Both government and economic echelons are fertile and lucrative places for big and endemic crime.  In the past declining kingdoms featured ministers and governors routinely corrupt to the core and sometimes the kings themselves, unable to collect enough taxes thanks to the trickeries of their tax collectors had to learn from their ministers the ways of rising funds by selling government positions to the highest bidders. As a result not only high bureaucratic positions went to unscrupulous ‘investors’ who then hurried to reimburse themselves and register a high profit in as short a time as possible but even cardinals and muftis were picked from among these investors.  The king himself being up to his throat in it the country could only sink, given enough time to take in enough water.  Ottoman Empire mostly died this way and its small inheritor the Turkish Republic remained stunted by the same malady affecting its ancestor. 


Crime at high places is not confined to bribery and robbery and nepotism.  The more secretive and violence-licensed government departments like the intelligence services, the armed forces and the police often dabble or indulge in any crime not only in the more forgivable and at times even mandatory acts which have a total similarity to criminal acts (like burgling premises of or assassinating a potential enemy) but not infrequently resort to crass crime whose victim can be just anybody. 


For example, there is a lingering suspicion that former US president Kennedy was assassinated by the US secret services.  Throughout modern history we come across state-organized sabotages and subversions among a state’s own departments (like FBI against the Treasury agents in the US) and assassinations of own citizens of any status in the hierarchy. Frame-ups and fall guys are not infrequently reported and the high and the mighty of any society are not often as high as to be above wash their hands off the responsibility of a disaster they are really reasponsible for and pass the buck and see punished their underlings. One of the most notorious of these acts of betrayal is said to be the responsibility of the notorious Pearl Harbor disaster when the entire US Pacific fleet laying at Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese and totally destroyed within hours.  It has been time and again quite reasaonably argued and somewhat also documented that it was not the commanders in the field who remained blind to the threat from Japan, that they had repeatedly warned their superiors at the US Administraton (including the White House itself) as well as the Pentagon but neither of the supreme bosses the president Roosevelt and general Marshall had taken notice.  When the disaster came and went all those in Washington washed their hands off and the axe fell on the dutiful commanders.  Incidentally both crime at high places and the people attaining those high offices have a peculiar connection in that both are related to a a number of secretive organizations about which nobody is able to do nothing.


One is the Masonic Broterhood,  more fully called the Free and Accepted Masons and the other an extension of it housing its crème dela crème, the most powerful members,  namely the Bilderbergians.  ‘Masons’ are organized in local lodges dotting the globe except perhaps the countries like People’s Republic of China or Cuba where the state itself is the main if not exclusive criminal gang of one or a college of nearly self-perpetuating dictators.  All Masonic lodges come under the juristiction of a head lodge in Scotland where top leaders are thought to rule from.  Entrance is by head hunting only and the prospective candidate is tested and passed through a series of bizarre rituals, blind-folded with sometimes blood-curdling psychological pressures and moldings applied. A deistic theology is inculcated, the supreme being described as the Great Architect of the Universe, his elite servants being none other the masons themselves. Their ritual dress is an apron and a trowel and a plausible interpretation of this whole symbolism, namely, the Architect of the Universe and his  mason (builder from sculpted stones), must be that the masons are after rebuilding the world to their own tastes which is elitist domination of the non-masonic masses by bringing them more and more under their control through institutions they the masons designed.  They roughly correspond to the Brahmins of Hinduism, that priestly class of Hindus whose word is law and whom no law can try and punish. To ensure this immunity from law and other liabilities befalling ordinary mortars masons try their best to invade and populate as many as higher offices in any society they belong to, as do jewish minorities among them.  In fact as in all other conspiratorial self-interest groups Jews are said to be excessively over-represented and over-promoted, often hiding behind names picked up from the host community, often a Christian one.  


In fact it is often difficult to establish where Jewish tribal self-interest cohesion and Masonic membership begin and end; whose hand is in whose pocket no outsider knows.  Of course the Jewish conspiratorial instinct is neither unique nor difficult to understand.  Sects are legion which feel they must lead secretive and conspiratorial existences like the Ahmadis and Ismailis among the Miuslims and the Rosicrucians and Moonies and Scientologists among the Christians. In each case their creeds and rituals and perhaps aims as well are seen suspect and disreputable by their host communities and they in turn feel the need to work behind masks and avenge their isolation by any possible conspiratorial usurpasions of power and influence.  The Jews are known to believe that they are the elites of God and destined to rule over all gentiles towards each end they are then entitled to struggle and given their paltry numbers what better way to do it by penetrative, parasitical and conspiratorial methods? Add to this the grievances and paranoia the punishments they suffered in the hands of their equally paranoid gentile hosts caused them and it is easy to understand what a Satanic vicious circle has been in operation for centuries now.

Reportedly the highest level of Masonry is the Bilderbergians who draw their members from among top politicians or upcoming ones all over the globe as well as other very materially successful people endowed with great intelligence and not so great scruples.


They meet periodically at secretive and sumptuous locations and discuss issues and plans related to world domination without ruffling any feathers which is made possible by their putting or keeping their members to strategically most important positions of power and influence. What makes this at first sight incredible conspiracy to succeed are two causes. One, men are created inequals and a single man with big intelligence may be able to manipulate and bend to his will millions however long it takes. Second if a man is both very intelligent and unscrupulous, provided he has enough polished good manners to hide behind there is no hard nut for him to crack and no crime for him to commit if the opportunity presnts itself or is manufactured by him or him and his accomplices. Hence the need for secretive and all-possessing organizations  like the Freemasonry.


What such ambitious conspiratorial organizations of geniuses with scant scruples can achieve over time can hardly be exaggerated. After the groups endowed with more intelligence (in both the senses of brain power and information) and more burning ambition (determining height of motivation) and fanatic or desperate cohesion can win against any size of grossly under-organized and drastically less intelligent and less well informed and less well unified oppositions whatever the latters’ numerical strength.  That was exactly how single too intelligent, too ambitious and too dominant individuals throughout history were able to carve for themselves kingdoms by subduing thousands at a time to their will. It is like a single wolf jumping in the midst of a herd of sheep. It can do anything to them. And the domestication of animals in their thousands was possible because of man’s superior brain power and hunger for a secure food source could do it.  All successful conspiratorial groups are simply manipulating these causes and mechanism to help  themselves to as much domination over the rest as possible.  The only power to limit the success of a rapacious conspiratorial group is another rival group, just like absolute monarchs limited each other.

But the only powerful conspiratorial elites are not the highly placed politicians, businessmen etc.  Against this collegium of ‘legal’ conspirators is the almost as powerful underground groups led by equally intelligent brutal geniuses whose groups are collectively called ‘the mafia’.  In the Middle ages these were in the form of rural and urban gangs of bandits.  A lower but not less menacing group of criminal conspirators were the underground beggars fraternities who had their own kings and queens, oaths of loyalty and courts and executioners.  Overground kings could not fully curb them and often had to cooperate with them in certain maters of mutual interests.  In modern times the cooperation of the US government with the Italian Mafiosi in their preaparation for an invasion of Italy from Sicily subsequently came into public knowledge.


If we apply the term Mafiosi to all criminal gangs which run all drug, smuggling, prostitution and gambling rackets we can say that Mafiosi is another conspiratorial world power contributing to the corruption and exploitation of the masses in parallel to the Freemasons, Bilderbergians, governments and revolutionary terrorists.  This last group, i.e, the revolutionary terrorists, whether secular or religious complete the list of conspiratorial fraternities that are infecting modern humanity and sapping its strength and vitality and are responsible for much of the hunger, illness and mass brutalities plaguing about half of the world.  It is known that many third world dictators have been diverting funds and other emergency aid into their secret accounts together with their cronies.  The same is often true about revolutionary guerrilla leaders and their cronies. Similar crimes may be directed to some religious and especially cult leaders and among them and the largest the papacy has always featured among the worse offenders except during the reighns of few saintliest pontiffs.  Some modern quasi religious cults are similarly suspect and horad too much and too ostentatious wealth to be convincing deniers of any wrongdoing.  Most of their leaders live like the god-kings of the classical age, e.g., like the pharaohs, both massively subsidised and effectively worshipped.


As a result, rich or poor, advanced or backward the masses of all societies are being victimised by the more intelligent, ambitious and unscrupulous amongt them and these oppresors are especially careful and vigilant not to allow any godly men to come anywhere near a high position. 


All of which explains why Allah categorically  said “In every township (polity) We appointed its great ones from among its criminals for them to conspire therein…”  ()


The learned and enlightened Muslim should at all times be aware of this Divinely stated truth and keep his or her distance with worldly greats unless they are under too much duress to come near them.  Then they should do their best to gain their freedom and distance for all their works are implicated in some crime and all their gifts may be contaminated by their ill gains.   For a modern pious Muslim, political ambition is too dangerous an obsession and it is often the case that when a good-looking muslim attains the society of the high an d the mighty the light of faith in his face is dulled. That must be why when and by accident an ‘Islamic’ political party ascends to power it often does no better than a secular party.  In a recent example the transport minister in a newly installed ‘Islamic’ government ordered the national airways to keep one of its passenger jets on tarmac for about an hour with passengers puffing with frustration so that his businessman son could reach the airport and board the plane for his business trip.  Also, from day one in power the Islamic MPs began to inundate ministers, mayors and governors etc from their party to fill any vacancies with or create vacancies for their sons, cousins or nephews.

Those with official airplanes for their official functions put them to family use while hundreds from the new politians families were sent at government cost on a chartered plane to watch an international football match.  In brief, whether the ‘Islamists’ were in power or the secularists “eat, eat,eat” was the call.   A famous poet once described this incurable culture of ‘fill your cups while the water running’ something like as follows:


This small table laid with food in front of you gentlemen

Trembling with fear from you like a sacrificial lamb

Is all that this poor nation has got in weath

Spared from his needs, cut from the throats of its orphans

Or confiscated by your agents

Whatever it got or hasn’t, all are here

Then eat while there is time

While the stomachs are warm

Eat, eat with gusto, smacking of lips and crackling of gums

Plateful after plateful, saucer after saucer

Swallow up, hurry, lap up, lick up, don’t give quarter

Yours are palaces and mansions, brides and dowries

Coaches and horse parades

Honours and  glitter

Who knows, one day the wheel of fortune turns

And others come where you are now

While you are here and while you have got time

Eat plate after plate, saucer after saucer, lips smacking, gums crackling




Allah criticises the priesthood for ‘eating the wealth of people for false reasons’ (4: 161) and bans muslims from it (4: 29).


Eating other people’s wealth desribes the true nature of many economic tricks and frauds from the pious taxes collected by the clergy from their flocks to the ill-gains of gambling and all kinds of financial frauds and business scams.  The sordid reality is that from politics to religion and ideology or get rich quick schemes to maps of lost treasure many crooks and fraudsters are all over the place trying to ease their victims of their hard earned cash. This is especially the case with developed societies as well as the developing.


Govbernments are not behind.  National lotteries as well as parking and speeding fines are in  actual fact more based on making easy money than doing good to the public. The game is given away in the latter case when frequent cases come to public knowledge of cases of atrocious ‘manslaughter by reckless driving’ in which an unlicensed, uninsured driver causing the death of an innoccent  pedestrian gets of with a fine hardly more than a small multiple of a parking fine. From singers to footballers thousands of profanely talented people absorb inordinate shares from the national wealth and waste them on their obscene luxuries while patients die from the inadequacies in the National Health Service for lack of funds. Ironically, funds allocated to all such public services fall into black holes dug by criminals, from the social benefits fraudsters to embezzling public officials.  There is a general agreement for example that there are few public employees who will not fiddle his expenses or businessmen who will not fiddle their taxes to get more than their fair share of wealth circulating around. All these are haram for true believers and they should be very honest and meticulous about how much they charge others for what as well as paying all their debts and taxes fully and honestly no matter what they think about them.  Allah says


“O belivers, do not eat up the wealth of each other for  false reasons (4: 29). 


False reasons include all overchargings, underpayings, income from activities which are haram.

A particular scam based on the irrepressible gambling instinct inculcated in Western culture is one of the slyest and most brazenly cynical in causing a nations wealth being concentrated in the hands of criminals who then, thanks to their ill-gained wealth join the ranks of the criminal elite as candidates of Allah for high office as in the verse quoted. This is telephone lottery.  The spiritual criminal (for the essentially silly secular laws allow all sorts of abuses by wrongly defining an abuse and leaving loopholes for abusers to get away with their crime), yes, the criminal buys a special telephone line which charges the caller extortionate call rates (like £1 per minute) which sum he pockets minus the tiny rate he pays to the line supplier.  His advert asks his victims (for they are foolish victims and not really customers of any sense) to answer a stupid question like “is milk white or black” and then those who give the right answer is put into a lottery which awards a prize (if it awards anything at all, for there is no means to check).  If one rings the number given he is made to listen to a long presentation of the procedure disguised as helpful explanation as to how to go about giving the answer so that it is taken into account, all the while the line charging the victim its extortionate rates.  The criminal rapidly hoards a fabulous bank balance for doing nothing more than setting up the line- he does not even need an office or even a single employee.  Once he thinks he has fattened himself enough and the line is less and less used he can then move on to another scam.  Which brings the Western secular law into the dock and especially the famous English legal dictum-  “caveat emptor”, i.e., buyer, beware  (i.e, its your responsibility not to buy anything not good enough for your money. The vendor benefits from your stupidity without any liability afterwards!!!). 


There is also “caveat subscriptor”, i.e., let the signer (of a document) beware”, which is another device for letting the criminal off the hook which can be construed to mean the most scandalous thing imaginable in a legal system: Putting the burden of protecting his rights on the weaker, less well informed or intelligent party and allowing the foxy and wolfy to prey on them more easily and escape punishment substantially. This noble-made law system (for the Western law is rooted in the philosophy of the classed society with ‘nobles’ exploiting the ‘commoners’) and although the formal class differeneces are in decline what is happening is not so much the disappearance of the class division but the replacement of landed nobility with moneyed minority as the new lords of the poor majority and nothing  else really.  The moneyed minority are also inherited by their offspring and they are the ones who get the best education, cheapest credit and most privileged treatment everywhere because of their connections and the forest of strings they can pull.




Except for deliberate violent crime (which is in the interests of the elites as well to prevent) Western Laws like the English has been increasingly becoming offender-friendly and not the other way which is the right way up.  From defendants in manslaughter charges in connection of a fatal traffic accident to crooks who defraud thousands as in several investment scams like the plundering of company pension funds the accused are given so much benefit of the doubt and the power of argument of the most brilliant lawyers they can afford to hire and also the secret yet pervasive ties and pulling- strings (like Masonic links) are so effective that they are either acquitted or let off very lightly indeed.


Additionally funds stolen almost never are fully recovered-  in fact little is returned to the victims. The overall result is for the thief to keep his ill gains in secret accounts or under false titles, for the lawyers earn hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds for a hundred or two’s work at the most and the public court  system get his equally hefty fees.  If the thief protests bankruptcy (and many fraudulently and successfully do) all these astronomical costs are charged to you and me the small fry through the taxes taken from us.  There is little to protect the weak from the strong not the least because legal process costs astronomical sums which is beyond the capacity of most victims  to pay.  So a rich boor can libel and slander and destroy the reputation of a saint but the saint can do nothing about it because he cannot afford to sue the offender.  There is no legal aid there.

The only seriously punished crimes are the sexual crimes-  which is an anachronism in an age when even incest is becoming acceptable.  One can get away with any sexual act either within or without marriage provided he or she seduced the other party skilfully enough while just touching another’s back which may be accidental can open for the unfortunate or misjudging offender such a can of worms that he or she may end up in prison and his career and reputation in ruins. 


To take another area,  it is perfectly legal and even a hallowed human right to engage in sexual relations with another adult of whatever sex provided mutual consent is successfully claimed but horrifically criminal if one party charges money for his or her consent.  The net result is the same-  a dealing between two consenting adults in the one example of which consent is helped by a consideration. It does not occur to the law that almost all sexual persuasions involve a benefit passing from one party to the other.  A casual girlfriend will not often consent to a sexual act before she is wined, dined or softened with presents.  While the tax laws take such perks and incentives as taxable income the laws about the sexual acts of the same government regards sexual incentives no incentives but only a prostitute’s paltry fees are taken as grounds to destroy an otherwise very useful citizen.  A few years ago a famous and brilliant writer was ruined by a single act of imprudence which almost all males commit in modern societies. He had an escapade with a prostitute which he could not resist denying simply because he knew how grossly and unjustly he would suffer in several ways.  His real error was suing the newspaper which had made the allegations.  One error led to another and he unconscionably received the money the courts awarded in compensation.  The newspaper owner was incensed.  Then one trusted friend in the know of the writer blew the whistle and the writer found himself totally discredited and in prison. 


Given the times sexual mores the whole affair was a much ado about nothing and the paper which pursued such trifling and by modern moral standards almost enviable opportunism could perhaps be seen even more in the wrong by following cynical practices to expose a great man as a cheat simply because he did something almost every other male would do if given a whisker of a chance, including the newspaper’s males.  Looked from any angle the laws of the West are a ragbag of anachronistic, inordinately cruel or inordinately lenient laws and attitudes as well as incredibly expensive to administer and implement and unjust to maddening extents in many cases.  It is not infrequent at all to find one party to a dispute or claim to be badly too badly punished or too lightly let off simply because the judge finds himself in a situation about which he says “Given the laws on the matter my hands are tied and against my personal better judgment I have no option but to impose the sentence  the law prescribes…”.  True there is and has been a court of equity which looks into such queer failures of justice but it has always been exceptional.  Judicial absurdities often are allowed to stand,  appeals are very expensive and their results often disappointing.


As such secular Werstern laws and law codes modelled on them elsewhere have too many intrinsic and almost incurable inconsistencies and loopholes, brazen prejudices against offenders in serious matters as well as brazen prejudices against trifling offences to deserve too much respect and trust.  On top of that they are very expensive to dminister and too long-winded and convoluted to punish or acquit in any reasonable time. Lastly there is hardly any remedy against wrongful or mistaken arrests or imprisonments and in any case proving one is often a night mare and beyond the wits and endurance of the victim.  The police as well as the offending public bodies are very skilful as well as powerful enough to defend themselves, doctor evidence or frustrate investigations for most common mortals to beat and they must just lick their wounds and retire into their fated obscurity.




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